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Come and visit the Gallery at the Half Hollow Hills Community Library and see the November exhibit, For the Love of Art, presented by George Vita and Jean Brinskelle.






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Beauty of Nature – Paintings by Barbara Lewin

Experience the Beauty of Nature with Barbara Lewin

About the Artist:
Barbara Lewin’s faith has always been at the cornerstone of her artwork. It’s what guides her as she chooses to portray the spectacular landscapes created by God. Her painting is a reflection of her inner spirit – it continues to learn, to love, and to find peace in the simplest things around her.  Her work centers around natural wonders, a spectacular sunset, majestic mountains, the endless and soothing sea, the stark beauty of fresh snow and the fascinating cascades of waterfalls.

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You may contact Suzanna Hsu at

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February Exhibit: Peace – Paintings by Xiamin Kang


Artist Statement: I was born in China. As a child I liked reading and drawing and experiencing all the chaos in China until I left and was sent to labor in remote places and worked in a factory. Later I became a  photo journalist  for China’s first English language newspaper, China Daily. During this time I became engaged in fine art.  

In 1990, I left China and studied modern art in Amsterdam Riet Velt Academy. I had art shows in Japan, Netherland, Canada and in the United States. I have  been teaching art and Chinese for 23 years.  

In the past 3 years, I have been concentrating in oil and acrylic painting  as represented by the paintings in this show. I need to study my own works to help me go further.

I would appreciate your feedback and comments.  Please email me at

Posted by: hhhgallery | December 12, 2012

Floral Paintings by Patty Antulov


See the vivid floral paintings of artist Patty Antulov on exhibit through December 2012

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Beauty of Nature: Paintings by Barbara Lewin

Come visit the Gallery and see the beautiful landscapes by Barbara Lewin.

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Coming Soon to the Gallery

Patriots Poets — Ireland Mother Ireland — American the Beautiful
Photography of John Meehan

Is it that Time of Year Already?
Poems & Pictures by Elaine Pasquale

Beauty of Nature
Paintings by Barbara Lewin

Posted by: hhhgallery | July 27, 2012

Bedazzled: Beaded Jewelry by Roz Palmer

Currently on display is the work of local artisan, Roz Palmer. Roz has been making beautiful beaded jewelry for many years. Come see her collection of more than  70 pieces of jewelry made from various types of semi-precious stone and crystal. To contact Roz email her at


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